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With 28 of perfecting hair extensions, meeting the needs of all women who want to make their hair longer, Rosa Maria’s technique lengthens your hair in only 40 minutes!

The extensions made with Rosa Maria’s method are confectioned with 100% natural hair and carefully chosen according to your natural hair color and thickness. When wearing it, you can comb, wash and brush your hair you usually do.

The technique also allows you to safely go to the beach and to the pool, do chemical treatments such as bleaching and coloring. The technique won’t harm your scalp and allows your hair to grow healthy. Many Brazilian celebrities love Rosa Maria’s technique!


Damage Recovery

Risks than other techniques of hair extensions can cause. Customers with problems due to the use of other methods of applying hair extensions.

1 - Interlaced with thick bands  |  2 - Tic-tac  |  3 - Keratin glue  |  4 - Interlaced with tracks  |  5 - Keratin glue


Benefits of the technique Rosa Maria’s

  • The client’s don’t have any risk of having alopecia, lesions on the scalp or hair breakage
  • The method is completely safe and recommended to help strengthen your natural hair
  • Damage recovery of other extension techniques
  • Rejuvenation brought by longer hair
  • Adds volume to fine hair
  • Having long and healthy looking hair
  • Makes damaged and broken hair looks better
  • Can be used on the beach and pool
  • The extensions are made of natural hair and can last up to 3 years
  • You can brush and straighten hair as usual



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São Paulo:

Jardins – (11) 99311 5812


​Rio de Janeiro:

Ipanema – (21) 96971 1746


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